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Private Retirement Plan

Many people believe that the only kind of pension plan one can have is what is known as a qualified pension plan; i.e., pension which could consist of a money purchase or defined benefit, profit sharing, 401k, IRA, or any other tax-deductible retirement plan. Many of these plans are asset protected with regard to creditors [Read the Rest]

Equity Strip

The very wealthy are always looking to decrease the appeal of specific assets with regard to creditors and litigants.  There are new strategies that may help create protective measures. Once such asset protection strategy, known as equity stripping, can be very effective when it comes to shielding tangible assets, particularly real estate, from creditors.  There are two principle [Read the Rest]

Asset Protection Planning

With 95% of the world’s litigation taking place in the United States, one must look to provide protection for their retirement assets.  As far as retirement planning goes, there is good news and bad news when it comes to protecting your retirement resources.  The good news is, that it is very likely that your retirement benefits will be protected from [Read the Rest]

Asset Protection and Your Pension Plan

ERISA generally makes it more attractive to retain funds in a qualified plan instead of converting the funds to a Roth IRA or traditional Roth IRA if the goal is to protect the assets. When one’s goal is asset protection, then the exclusion of qualified plan assets from the bankruptcy estate is generally protected under [Read the Rest]