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How Can Annuities Help Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid is an assistance program, serving low income people of every age. In California, Medi-Cal is the same as the Federal program Medicaid. Both programs allow for the coverage of Long Term Care services. The use of an annuity for Medicaid Long Term Care planning has been around for quite some time. It is possible, [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care vs Chronic Illness

10,000 Baby Boomers are turning age 65 every day for the next fourteen years. With this advent, the institutions of aging will likely transform just as it has done in other aspects of American life. One of the critical concerns of aging is care. As the elder population expands, Long Term Care will continue to [Read the Rest]

Long Term Health Care

LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL Reprinted by permission of the Los Angeles Business Journal ™ Financial Planning Must Factor in Your Health Care in Senior Years by Barry Boscoe, CFP Ask anyone 60 years and older whether he or she will ever wind up in a nursing home and chances are the answer will be “never.”  Today many [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care: Comfort or Crisis

Looking Ahead With Griepp and McRee Special Report Fall 2002 YOUR LONG-TERM CARE: Comfort or Crisis? © 2002 Sharon McRee and Galen Griepp Griepp k McRee Attorneys at Law Most of us have given only passing thought to the subject of “long-term care.”  Even when we have witnessed a friend or family member suffering through the complications of [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care: A Family Decision

The Family Long Term Care Insurance Decision Despite the economic downturn in the U.S. over the past few years, public interest in long-term care insurance is quietly and steadily growing.  In fact, more than four million people held individual long-term care insurance policies at the end of December 2003. The recent interest in long-term care [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care: A Creative Way to Protect Against

The old adage “I am scared of getting old. I am scared of being ill,” often quoted by Ben Stein, reflects the uncertainty of the increased possibilities of ill health. Aging should be looked upon as a celebration by looking at birthdays as the start of a great new adventure and not the end of [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care Planning Process

As a follow up to last month’s wealth tip wherein we discussed the risks associated with needing long term care, we are now going to discuss the planning process.  As one begins to weigh the options of purchasing long term care insurance or self insuring, there are a variety of factors one must consider: How [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care Filial Responsibility

Long Term Care Filial Responsibility: What does it mean to you? Believe it or not, twenty-nine states, including California, have filial responsibility laws on their books. These laws can be used to go after long term care patients’ families for unpaid bills. Beware states are beginning to use these laws to get families into paying [Read the Rest]

Long Term Care – The Alternative Investment

When would you have thought that long term care insurance would be considered an investment?  For high net worth individuals, utilizing long term care insurance has very solid investment characteristics due to: 1)  the huge dollar upside if extended care is required; and 2)  little or no cost if care isn’t required. In addition, many advisors feel long [Read the Rest]

Evaluating the Risks of Long Term Care

Most people look forward to living a long, healthy life, planning and investing throughout their working years with the goal in mind of creating a financially secure future during which they can enjoy spending their time doing the things they love most.  The area that is often overlooked is the risk of a long term [Read the Rest]