Company Profile

Company Profile

Managing people’s wealth is about more than money:

At Brighton Advisory Group we know when it comes to money, people have fears, confusion, and expectations that have to be dealt with. That’s why we’re more than just asset-oriented, we’re people-oriented.

Since 1972, as part of the planning process, president and founder Barry Boscoe has cared for his clients by doing things like…

  1. Reducing complex concepts to simple, easy-to-understand explanations, and
  2. Helping clients manage their expectations to maximize their satisfaction and minimize their disappointment.
    Behind the planning, there’s a person, a family or a company that’s entrusting us with their future. We respect and honor that responsibility.

We help our clients in the following areas:

  1. Strategies for protecting assets, from divorce, judgment creditors and the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Methods for using what otherwise would be the Internal Revenue Service’s money for:
    a. Payment of estate and income taxes
    b. Retirement
    c. Business succession planning
    d. Risk management, meeting the unknowns
  3. Benefit planning with the owners’ interests in mind.
  4. Tax efficient, low risk retirement planning.
  5. Planning to protect against the consequences of an extended care need.

Our clients represent:

  1. Professionals
  2. Business owners of closely-held corporations
  3. Executives of publicly-held companies
  4. Wealthy retirees