Our Services

When we create a wealth management plan for a client, it must meet two crucial criteria—it has to be both comprehensive and comprehensible. Our clients value the fact that we always make their plan, no matter how sophisticated it may be, clear and understandable. It’s their future we’re dealing with and we respect its importance.

Working along with the client’s current advisors, we develop a series of financial and estate planning goals and then guide them on the way to achieving those goals.

These are the services we offer:
Our Services

Protecting and Preserving Wealth

  1. Capital Gains tax elimination
    » Investment issues
    » Distribution during life
    » Distribution at death
  2. Income and estate tax reduction strategies
    » Investment concentration issues
    » Funding of estate tax
    » Taxation issues
    » Transferability
    » Succession Planning
    » Captive Insurance Strategies
  3. Risk management
    » Control
    » Key man issues
    » Buy/sell strategies
    » Equalization between active and inactive children
    » Management of company benefits
  4. Analysis of your current overall insurance plan (life, disability, and long-term care).
    » Is it adequate?
    » Is it appropriate?
    » Is it tax efficient?
  5. Tax sensitivity management
    » Incentive planning
    » Tax efficiency
    » Control
  6. Overall asset protection planning
    » Maximizing tax effectiveness
    » Control
    » Assessing liability and risk
  7. Retirement Road Map Planning
    » Maximum tax efficiency
    » No market downside risk
    » Tax-free withdrawals

Planning the Distribution of Wealth at Death

  1. Trustee/Executor – lack of continuity issues
  2. Titling of Assets
  3. Distribution of wealth for the benefit of spouse, descendents and others
    » Tax efficiency
    » Control – who will manage assets
    » Trust enhancements
    » Asset protection
    » Beneficiary incentives (avoiding the Trust Baby syndrome)
  4. Charitable gifting
    » Tax efficiency
    » Control – who will manage assets